Serbian Cross

The Serbian Cross is a national symbol of Serbia, part of the Coat of Arms of Serbia, and the flag of Serbia. It is believed to be based on the tetragrammatic cross emblem of the Byzantine Palaiologos dynasty, with the difference that in Serbian use of the cross is usually white on a red background, rather than gold on a red background (though it can be depicted in gold as well). It is composed of a cross symbol with four stylized letters beta (Β) on each of its corners.

The Serbian tradition attributes the symbol to St. Sava, 12th century metropolitan of Žiča and Archbishop of Serbs, creation of the popular motto from those four letters, Only Unity Saves the Serbs (Serbian: Само слога Србина спасава/Samo sloga Srbina spasava).

Serbian Cross in SupervolcanoEdit

Bronislav Nedic had a tattoo of a cross with a "C" above and below the bar on each side on the back of his right hand that he called the Ocilima. He explained to Vanessa Ferguson that it was a symbol of Serbian unity. The four "C"s were cyrillic for "S"s and stood for Samo sloga Srbina spasava which translated to "only unity will save the Serbs".[1]


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