These people are related either by blood or by marriage to Nellie Semphroch, a POV character for six volumes of the Southern Victory series.

Humphrey BaxterEdit

Humphrey Baxter was a man living in Washington, DC. He married Clara Jacobs in 1942.[1]

Annie GrimesEdit

Annie Grimes was the daughter of Merle and Edna Grimes. She was the younger sister of Armstrong Grimes.

Armstrong GrimesEdit

See: Armstrong Grimes

Merle GrimesEdit

See: Merle Grimes

Clara JacobsEdit

See:Clara Jacobs

Hal JacobsEdit

See:Hal Jacobs

Edna SemphrochEdit

See:Edna Semphroch

Nellie SemphrochEdit

See:Nellie Semphroch

Mr. SemphrochEdit

Edna Semphroch's Father was a man from Washington, DC. Some time in the late 19th century, he hired a prostitute named Nellie Houlihan. He impregnated Nellie--or at least, both he and Nellie believed he did; since Nellie, in the course of her work, slept with a huge number of men, questions of paternity could not be answered with any certainty prior to the innovation of genetic testing. The man married Nellie and set her up as the proprietress of a coffee shop so she could stop prostituting herself and give their daughter Edna a respectable home. He died very shortly after his daughter's birth.

Nellie's MotherEdit

One day in 1881, little Nellie Houlihan wandered into G Street in Washington, DC into the path of Alfred von Schlieffen's trotting horse. Though Schlieffen brought his horse to a halt before any harm could be done, Nellie's mother ran after Nellie, pulled her out of the street, spanked her, and scolded her. Schlieffen approved, noting that the girl needed to learn discipline.[2]


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