The Schneider CA1 (originally named the Schneider CA) was the first French tank. It was inspired by the need to overcome the stalemate of trench warfare which prevailed during the early years of World War I. More specifically to open passages for the infantry through German barbed wire and to destroy enemy machine gun nests. Four hundred Schneider CA1 tanks were manufactured by SOMUA (a subsidiary of Schneider located in a suburb of Paris), between September 1916 and August 1918.

Schneider CA1 in Southern VictoryEdit

The Schneider had been employed by the French Army during the Great War in an attempt to break the stalemate. However their tracks were very short compared to the length of their chassis, which meant that easily got stuck trying to traverse trenches. Reading reports on the CA1, US Army Colonel Irving Morrell couldn't help but laugh at that design flaw.[1]


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