The Saxons were a confederation of Old Germanic tribes. Their modern-day descendants in Lower Saxony and Westphalia and other German states are considered ethnic Germans (the state of Sachsen is not inhabited by ethnic Saxons; the state of Sachsen-Anhalt though in its northern and western parts); those in the eastern Netherlands are considered to be ethnic Dutch; and those in Southern England ethnic English. Their earliest known area of settlement is Northern Albingia, an area approximately that of modern Holstein.

Saxons participated in the Germanic settlement of Britain during and after the 5th century. It is unknown how many migrated from the continent to Britain though estimates for the total number of Germanic settlers vary between 10,000 and 200,000.

Saxons in Agent of ByzantiumEdit

The Saxons expanded into areas where the Roman Empire retreated during its decline. They were particularly successful in northern Europe, where they joined up with other Germanic tribes to form the Franco-Saxon kingdoms. One major failure was Britannia, where the resident Anglelanders succeeded in driving the Saxons off.

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