Sarah (שָׂרָה) is a Hebrew name meaning princess. Sally is a common diminutive. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Sarah may refer to:

Sarah (Next Year in Jerusalem), member of the Second Irgun in "Next Year in Jerusalem".
Sarah Finch, fictional character in The Hot War.
Sarah Goldman, fictional character and POV in The War That Came Early.
Sarah Hamburger, matriarch of the Hamburger family in Southern Victory.
Sarah Jane Spivey, fictional infant, minor character in The House of Daniel.
Sarah Levitt, fictional doctor and POV in A World of Difference.
Sarah Mendoza, researcher for Crosstime Traffic in The Valley-Westside War.
Sarah Russie, daughter of POV Moishe Russie in Worldwar.
Sarah Sullivan, daughter of POV Charlie Sullivan in Joe Steele (novel).

Sally may refer to:

Sally (Batboy), Rip's girlfriend in "Batboy."
Sally Cooley, minor fictional character in Drive to the East.
Sally Dover, Jerry Dover's wife in Southern Victory.
Sally Gillen, minor fictional character in "Though the Heavens Fall" from A Different Flesh.
Sallie Pleasants, historical wife of mining engineer Henry Pleasants, referenced in The Guns of the South.
Sally Reese, fictional secretary in The Two Georges.

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