Sam Spud
Fictional Character
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Snarre't
Nationality: Latimer
Occupation: Police officer

"Sam Spud"[1] was an investigator with the Snarre'i self-protection agency residing in Latimer on Lacanth C. He was Miss Murple's superior. He facilitated Miss Murple's role in a joint investigation into the hoxbombing of the human child Sean Cravath, helping to connect her to human John Paul Kling.[2]

Miss Murple kept Sam Spud informed of the investigation, including the fact that Kling had found the suspect Petros van Gilder, and that she'd identified Sharon Rock and Joe Mountain, a pair of Snarre' celebrities. Spud hoped that van Gilder would be the culprit. He did not like the idea that the celebrities Sharon Rock and Joe Mountain were responsible for a number of reasons. However, when he told Miss Murple that couple had traded a brain for the scooter, both were forced to concede the possibility that they'd gotten rid of the brain to cover their tracks. Miss Murple alerted Kling. Kling agreed to look for the brain.[3]

While initial clues suggested van Gilder was the culprit,[4] Kling and Miss Murple found a video at van Gilder's place of work that showed Rock and Mountain planting the hoxbomb in van Gilder's jacket pocket.[5] The two presented the video to Sam Spud. While he watched the video, he was still worried about Sharon Rock and Joe Mountain's status as celebrities. When Miss Murple argued that a sniffer could determine if they were lying or not, Sam Spud agreed, even inviting Kling along for the arrest.[6] The three headed for Rock and Mountain's home, but they were at the nightclub belonging to another Snarre' celebrity, Famous Janus. They arrested the two celebrities without incident.[7]


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