Sally Reese
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct (via telephone)
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: Mid 20th century
Occupation: Secretary

Sally Reese was Lieutenant General Sir Horace Bragg's secretary. She was a middle aged woman and spoke loudly with a harsh prairie accent.

Colonel Thomas Bushell telephoned her the day after the Sons of Liberty stole The Two Georges. Bushell requested she send carbon copies of the full dossiers of Doctor Kathleen Flannery and the other curators accompanying The Two Georges on the North American Union tour as quickly as possible via military aeroplane. Reese balked at first, since it was against procedures, but Bushell convinced her to do so.

He first had her review the files with him over the telephone asking her to skim through them and to tell him anything suspicious she noticed. Because Reese was a civilian rather than a Royal American Mounted Police Officer, her notions of suspicious were more gossipy than criminal. For instance, Doctor Malcolm Desmond had been expelled from a preparatory school for unnatural vice, Doctor Walter Pine had signed several petitions protesting the NAU's conciliatory stance in border negotiations with the Holy Alliance and Mr. Christopher Parker had two arrests for driving a steamer while intoxicated.

Doctor Flannery's dossier talked of her broken engagement with Kyril Lozovsky which Bushell already knew from his interview of her the previous night. It also indicated she had a subscription to Common Sense for the previous eight or nine years. This journal was considered to be the unofficial official publication of the Sons of Liberty as much as any that legally circulated. It was another item of suspicion for Colonel Bushell to consider.