State Street in the Salem Downtown HD-1-
Salem, Ohio
Part of The Second Great War
Date 1943
Location Ohio
Result Strategic United States victory
United States 34Stars Confederate States CSA
Salem is a city in northern Columbiana County, Ohio. At the 2000 census, the city's population was 12,197.

Salem in Southern VictoryEdit

US General Irving Morrell made Salem his headquarters when he was assigned to defend the Ohio front in 1942 during the Confederate Operation Coalscuttle.

Morrell was horrified to discover that his predecessor had scattered the available barrels across the countryside for infantry support in following standard Great War doctrine. He sent messengers with written orders to have the armor concentrate a few miles north of Salem. He then telegraphed false orders to concentrate west of Salem.

The Confederate Army concentrated in Homeworth and attacked eastward based on the intercepted messages. Morrell subjected the attack to heavy artillery fire and showed a few barrels which only encouraged the Confederates to advance harder. As they reached the outskirts of Salem, Morrell counterattacked from the north into their flank inflicting heavy casualties and forcing the Confederates to retreat.

The Salem town square boasted a large statue of Edwin Coppock.

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