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St. Cecilia's Church (Cäcilienkirche in German) is one of the twelve Romanesque churches in Cologne’s old city, maintained by the Foundation of Romanesque Churches in Cologne. The present building, little changed since its inception, dates from 1130-60. Since 1956, the church has been the home of the Schnütgen Museum for medieval art.

Saint Cäcilien's in "Not All Wolves"Edit

In 1176, a werewolf named Dieter sought sanctuary from the crowd that pursued him in Saint Cäcilien's. He entered the church and came toward a priest. As he opened his mouth, he realized the flaw in his plan: he could not speak. Instead, the priest saw a large hairy wolf with an open mouth filled with teeth approaching him. Not surprisingly, the priest reacted from fear and struck Dieter with his staff that had a silver crucifix on the end. The blow hurt him as much as it would have if he were human. The silver did not.

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