The SS Pocahontas, Arkansas was a US Navy supply ship. It was named after a minor victory the US had during the Second Mexican War whereby they occupied the Confederate town of Pocahontas, Arkansas.

During the Great War, she was resupplying the USS Ericsson at sea when she was torpedoed by the CSS Bonefish. The captain of the Ericsson maneuvered his ship so the sinking Pocahontas, Arkansas was between him and the Confederate submersible. He succeeded in protecting his ship when the Pocahontas was hit by another torpedo meant for the Ericsson. After the supply ship sank he raced to the estimated location of the Bonefish and saturated the area with depth charges set for various depths. This did not sink the Bonefish but kept it deeply submerged and allowed the Ericsson to return to the location of the Pocahontas to rescue survivors before sailing off.[1]


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