Russie Medical College (full name: Moishe Russie Medical College) was a medical school founded in Jerusalem in the years after the Peace of Cairo, when Palestine became one of the Race Colonies on Tosev 3. It was the first institute for higher learning where Tosevite medical students could learn medical techniques that were taken for granted by the Race but generally unknown on Tosev 3. Moishe Russie, the namesake of the school, was a doctor and broadcaster who became known as an important mouthpiece for Race-Tosevite relations shortly after the Race first arrived on the planet.

In the 1960s, the Race took the advice of Senior Researcher Ttomalss, who had a plan to ease the assimilation of Big Uglies into the Empire through a shared religion, and instituted a policy making Emperor-worship a prerequisite for continued study at the College. Many students, particularly devout Jews and Muslims (and even lukewarm Jews who nevertheless were determined to maintain cultural identity after surviving the Nazi genocide) withdrew in revulsion, much to the dismay of the faculty, who cursed their leaders' policy. Reuven Russie, son of the school's namesake, was one of many withdrawals during this time period. Nevertheless, there were enough students who did not have any strong attachment to Tosevite religions, and so did not object to the required ceremony. Thus, the school soldiered on.