The Russie family was one of the most important human families allied to the Race during and after the Race Invasion of Tosev 3.

Chaim RussieEdit

Dr. Chaim Russie was the son of Dr. Reuven Russie and the grandson of Dr. Moishe Russie. Chaim was tragically killed in an Arab terrorist bombing in Jerusalem in the 2020s. News of Chaim's death reached the Admiral Peary in 2031 where Melanie Blanchard, an acquaintance of Chaim's father, was saddened to learn of Chaim's death. She also hoped that Reuven had not lived to see his son's death. Whether the bomb was meant for the Lizards or the Jews was unknown.[1]

Esther and Judith RussieEdit

Esther and Judith Russie were the twin daughters of Moishe and Rivka Russie. Their parents were incensed by them since they were born after the death of Sarah Russie, who died in the family's imprisonment in the Warsaw Ghetto. They looked so much alike that their own family could not tell who was who, a thing their mischievous behavior made much use of.

The twins always tried to antagonize their brother Reuven Russie and his girlfriend Jane Archibald, who they admired as "more finished then them"[2]

Moishe RussieEdit

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Reuven RussieEdit

See: Reuven Russie

Rivka RussieEdit

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Sarah RussieEdit

Sarah Russie was a daughter of Moishe and Rivka Russie. She was very young when Germany overran Poland. She died not long after she and her family were herded into the Warsaw Ghetto, well before the arrival of the Race's Conquest Fleet in 1942.[3]


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