The Royal North American Flying Corps was the aerial wing of the North American Union's armed forces. Its aeroplanes were marked by a blue-white-and-red roundel.[1] The RNAFC's airplanes were regarded as fast enough to be "vulgar" by civilian men's standards, as observed by Colonel Thomas Bushell as he enjoyed lunch with some fellow airship passengers as a RNAFC fighter flew past. However, the usefulness of the planes' speed to the military was well-recognized by these same passengers.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The Royal Flying Corps was the air warfare arm of the British Army, formed in 1912 and disbanded to form the independent Royal Air Force in 1918. In this universe where the Colonies never broke away from the British Empire, it is thus implied that the RFC remained permanent and thus there are only two fully independent services, Army and Navy, in Britain and the NAU.


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