The Royal North American Army was the army of the North American Union. It was designed to complement the British Army and provide support in foreign and domestic wars. Like the other armed services of the NAU, the Royal North American Army was modeled on the senior service in Britain and cooperated closely with its counterpart.

Though the North American Union, like the rest of the British Empire, was officially at peace with the Holy Alliance, fighting occurred along border between the NAU and Nueva España, the Holy Alliance's toe-hold in North America; both sides had differing opinions as to their country's respective boundaries, and violence erupted along the border more than once. However, the lack of an official state of war between the British Empire and the Holy Alliance prevented the the Royal North American Army doing more than simply fighing border skirmishes when it has to.

Thomas Bushell served in the Royal NA Army in the 1970s as a lieutenant along with his fellow lieutenant Horace Bragg and was assigned Sergeant Samuel Stanley as his senior noncom. They served on the border with Nueva España during a time when border skirmishes were common. In one, Bushell was wounded while trying to save an injured soldier in his platoon. Both were rescued by Stanley.