Roswell is a city in the state of New Mexico. Roswell is most popularly known for having its name attached to what is now called the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, wherein an alien spacecraft is supposed to have crashed to Earth 75 miles from the town. (The logical explanation is that eyewitnesses misperceived a secret U.S. military craft as an alien artifact, but conspiracy theories and counter-theories abound.) It was also the site of much of Robert Goddard's early rocketry experimentation. The latter led to the naming of its independent minor league team, the Roswell Rockets. The Rockets gained fame in 1954 when their star player, Joe Bauman, became the first player to hit seventy home runs in a season.

Roswell in "Before the Beginning"Edit

The time-viewer showed that nothing much happened in Roswell on that summer day in 1947.[1]

Literary commentEdit

Curiously, the story does not address whether anything happened 75 miles outside of Roswell.

Roswell in The House of DanielEdit

The House of Daniel stopped in Roswell in 1934 to play against the Roswell Giants. The Daniels won 8-5.[2].

Flying hubcaps were a common sight in Roswell.[3]

Roswell in "The Star and the Rockets"Edit

Joe Bauman moved to Roswell in the early 1950s to play for the minor league Roswell Rockets. He also opened a Texaco station there, which he worked in the off-season. He was aware of the alleged spaceship landing that had taken place outside of Roswell in 1947, but he did not believe that aliens were involved until he encountered a strange group of men at his station. He firmly believed in aliens after he went on to set his on home-run record that year.

Bauman lived in Roswell for the rest of his days. He watched the town embrace the alien crash as a tourist attraction. He had reservations about how the aliens were portrayed, and he never laughed at any jokes about the crash.[4]


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