Fictional Character
"The Bleeding Moon"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Bulgaria
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Date of Birth: 16th century
Occupation: Hunter
Relatives: Symeon (brother)

Rossen was the brother of Symeon, headman of the Bulgarian village of Gramada. Rossen and Symeon were the only two men who owned muskets in the village. While Rossen was steady and reliable, he was not the leader his brother was.

Like the rest of Gramada, Rossen was angered when on of his people, Todor, was murdered by men from the village of Kula. Forty days later, the village was plagued by Todor's vurkolak, who attacked the full moon one night. As the village watched, the moon completely vanished into the vurkolak and began to glow red. Hours passed, and the vurkolak continued to feed upon the moon. The villagers resolved then to drive it off. They gathered together pots and pans and began beating on them to make noise. While the vurkolak was bothered, it wasn't until Todor's cousin, Petko, convinced Symeon and Rossen to get their muskets. After each fired off their heavy guns, the vurkolak retreated.

Not long after that night, Symeon traveled to Vidin to deliver the annual tribute of sheep to the Turks. He learned that the village of Kula had come to misfortune. From their description, Symeon realized that the vurkolak had begun preying on Kula. He professed sympathy he didn't feel and returned home, reporting the story to Gramada.