Rose is the name of either a flower or a woman, and can also be a surname. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Rose may refer to:

Characters whose first name is Rose:

Rose Conway, historical secretary appearing in The Hot War.
Rose Kennedy, historical Massachusetts matriarch appearing in The Center Cannot Hold.
Rose O'Doull, mother of Southern Victory series POV Leonard O'Doull, making a minor appearance in Blood and Iron.
Rose Simmons, minor fictional character in Opening Atlantis.

Characters whose middle name is Rose:

Gypsy Rose Lee, historical actress referenced in Joe Steele.

Things and events named Rose:

Rose (ship), fictional sailing vessel in Opening Atlantis.
The Rose (theatre), historical London theatre which is the main setting of "We Haven't Got There Yet".
Tokyo Rose, American slang for a series of Japanese propaganda broadcasts in World War II, referenced in Joe Steele.
War of the Roses, a civil war from England's history. Opening Atlantis is partly set during it.

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