Stema Statului Major al Fortelor Terestre

The Romanian Army Coat of Arms

The Romanian Land Forces (Romanian: Forţele Terestre Române) is the army of Romania, and the main component of the Romanian Armed Forces.

Romanian Land Forces in The Phantom TolbukhinEdit

The Romanian Army had been brought to the Ukraine to help pad out the German forces fighting Russian partisans. Unfortunately, their hatred of the Hungarians limited their operational range.

Romanian Land Forces in The War That Came EarlyEdit

When World War II began in 1938, Romania remained neutral. In 1941, Romania joined the alliance against the USSR, in return for receiving the port of Odessa and the adjoining lands on the far bank of the Dniester as a reward. After this deceleration, the Soviets aimed their next offensive against the Romanians in order to outflank Hitler.

Although the Romanian Army wasn't equipped with much, nor were they eager to use it, they received help from the Germans and managed to not only stop the Soviet Army, but push them east into the western Ukraine.

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