Rolf is a male given name and a surname. It originates in the Germanic name Hrolf, itself a contraction of Hrodwulf (Rudolf), a conjunction of the stem words hrod ("renown") + wulf ("wolf"). The Old Norse cognate is Hrólfr. As a name Rolf is known since 911 when the Viking King Gånge-Rolf (846–932) (Latinised as Rollo) captured Normandy.

In the works of Harry Turtledove, Rolf may refer to:

Rolf (The War That Came Early), a jazz-loving German soldier and minor character in The Big Switch.
Rolf Halbritter, a German soldier and POV in one scene of The Man With the Iron Heart.
Rolf Mehlen, a West German soldier in The Hot War.
Rolf Stolle, fictional German politician who plays an important supporting role in In the Presence of Mine Enemies.

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