These characters are related either by marriage or by blood to Hipolito Rodriguez, a POV character in the Southern Victory series.

Guadalupe RodriguezEdit

Guadalupe Rodriguez (b 1915) was the elder daughter of Hipolito and Magdalena Rodriguez. She was born right before her father was conscripted to serve in the Great War.

One day in 1926, at the age of eleven, she carried a chicken across the yard of her family's farm. Her father waved hello to her; she returned the gesture; her father then walked into the house.[1]

Literary commentEdit

After The Center Cannot Hold, Guadalupe is never again mentioned in the series. See Inconsistencies in Turtledove's Work#Inconsistencies in Southern Victory.

Hipolito RodriguezEdit

See: Hipolito Rodriguez

Jorge RodriguezEdit

See: Jorge Rodriguez

Magdalena RodriguezEdit

Magdalena Rodriguez was the wife of Hipolito Rodriguez and the mother of Guadalupe, Jorge, Miguel, Pedro and Susana.

Magdalena was a frugal and effective manager of the Rodriguez household budget and was able to stretch it out even during the runaway inflation which nearly destroyed the Confederate economy in the years following the Great War. She disapproved of her husband's drinking in La Culebra Verde. She once saved her husband from being electrocuted after he gave her the gift of a refrigerator. Her English was broken.

In 1943, on hearing of the death of her husband, she wrote a letter to his old friend and commandant, Jefferson Pinkard, which Pinkard had difficulty reading. She refused to believe that her husband had committed suicide.

Miguel RodriguezEdit

Miguel Rodriguez (b. 1918) was a son of Hipolito Rodriguez. A native of Baroyeca, Sonora, he served in the Freedom Youth Corps as a young man in the 1930s. During the Second Great War, he served in the Confederate Army. He served up at the border of his home state in a halfhearted Confederate campaign to retake the small salient of Sonora which had been ceded to the United States at the end of the Great War and annexed to the US state of New Mexico. He was injured and captured. His injuries were severe. When he returned home, he was in a wheelchair, and had suffered brain damage.

Pedro RodriguezEdit

Pedro Rodriguez was the youngest son of Hipolito Rodriguez. He was the first Rodriguez boy to be conscripted into the Confederate States Army during the Second Great War. In 1943, he was captured by US forces in Ohio, and spent the duration of the war a POW. As a consequence, Pedro remained defiant in the face of the Confederacy's defeat. His brother, Jorge, was far more world- and war-weary, and so did his best to keep Pedro from rushing off into guerrilla actions against the occupying U.S. forces.

Susan RodriguezEdit

Susana Rodriguez (b. 1920) was the younger daughter of Hipolito and Magdalena. She was married prior to the Second Great War, and had two children. She joined her family to welcome Jorge Rodriguez home to Baroyeca in 1944.


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