Roanoke Front
Part of The Great War
Date August, 1914-Summer, 1917
Location Virginia, Confederate States
Result Long term stalemate; ultimate United States victory on other fronts
United States Confederate States
The Roanoke Front was the largest and most important--and most dangerous--front of the Great War in North America. Only the Western Front in Europe saw more or fiercer fighting.

The Roanoke Front was opened in 1914 when the United States Army invaded Confederate, Virginia over the Catawba Mountains. The Confederate Army stopped the assault at Big Lick, Virginia in 1915, and the Roanoke Front remained stationary for several years. The front was among the first theaters in North America where either the US or CS armies used poison gas and barrels.

The campaign essentially ended in 1917 when the US achieved breakthroughs on other fronts, and subsequently assigned troop and supply priority to those fronts. The territory gained so bloodily in the Roanoke Front was returned to the Confederacy following the war.

The Roanoke Front was regarded as one of the bloodiest battles of the Great War and men who had been there were given the highest respect. Yossel Reisen, Sr., while on a short leave, tried to explain to his family the experience of the front: "Think of all the worst things you know in the world. Think of them all in one place. Think of them as ten times as bad as they really are. Then think of them ten times worse than that. What you are thinking about when you do that is one ten-thousandth of what the front is like". He was killed at the front soon afterwards.

President Theodore Roosevelt was nearly hit by a stray bullet while touring the battlefield. He was saved when Chester Martin tackled him to the ground.

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