The Richmond Ghetto Uprising occurred in 1943 when Freedom Party forces under the orders of Ferdinand Koenig attempted to empty Richmond's Colored District of all Negroes. The operation was to have been quick, quiet, and efficient. Instead, it proved to be far more than anyone had bargained for.

As soon as the Freedom Party Stalwarts, Richmond Police, and the Freedom Party Guards began to clean out the colored district, the trapped blacks rose up in rebellion. Several people bombs went off in various parts of Richmond. In addition, the streets leading into the colored district had been mined, destroying two armored cars. The Negroes were armed with a variety of weapons, ranging from handguns and civilian hunting rifles, all the way up to mortars, machine guns, and bolt-action Tredegar rifles. In addition, the United States had airdropped weapons to the rebels prior to the uprising.

The black rebels fought with desperate courage, proving far more than the available Confederate forces could handle. As a result, all soldiers in the capital were mobilized, including Nathan Bedford Forrest III and Clarence Potter. Dive bombers, barrels, and artillery were also used by Confederate forces in their attempt to destroy the colored district. By the end of the uprising, the entire colored quarter was in ruins.

The United States were not able to send any soldiers to assist the rebels due to the distances involved. However, numerous sorties were flown by US fighter-bombers in aid of the uprising, inflicting many casualties on the Confederate forces in Richmond.

No matter what, though, the outcome was never in doubt. Bravery and tenacity were no match for the full brunt of modern warfare. The uprising was crushed mercilessly, and the entire surviving black population of Richmond sent to the camps. To their credit, the lightly armed rebels tied up most of a Confederate Army infantry division in addition to the various Freedom Party and police forces involved, a cost noted by Nathan Bedford Forrest III.

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