Reverence was a planet colonized initially by the Holy Mission Church of Earth, who founded the settlement of New Zion. It was planet dominated by rain forests and jungles. Members of the Church came there to escape the secularization of Earth, although they were followed by Federation scientists. Both groups of humans made it a policy to have nothing to do with the other.

Reverence was originally inhabited by the Haldols, a sentient race of hunter/gatherers. Reverence was notorious for its insect life, vermin that thrived upon human and Haldol alike. In an attempt to improve the quality of Haldol life, human scientists (at the suggestion of Church member Victoria Griffin) destroyed the vermin. In so doing, they effectively killed the Haldol. The vermin were necessary to the Haldol's reproduction. Without the vermin, the Haldols were expected to die out within a few generations.

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