Reuven Russie
Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): All volumes
Type of Appearance: Direct (POV in Second Contact, Down to Earth, and Aftershocks)
Species: Human
Nationality: Race-controlled Palestine (born in Poland)
Date of Birth: 1930s
Religion: Judaism
Occupation: Student, Doctor
Parents: Moishe and Rivka Russie
Spouse: Deborah Radofsky
Children: Miriam Radofsky (stepdaughter), Chaim Russie, one other son
Relatives: Sarah (sister, d. 1942);
Esther and Judith (sisters)

Reuven Russie was a Polish Jew and the son of Moishe and Rivka Russie. After he and his parents were liberated from the Warsaw Ghetto by the Race in 1942, they migrated to Lodz, London and Jerusalem. As a young adult, he attended Russie Medical College, a Race Medical School in Jerusalem dedicated to his father. He dated Jane Archibald, a fellow medical student while there. He dropped out when the Race instituted Emperor-worship as a prerequisite for continued study.

Almost all of his early childhood was dogged by war, from Warsaw to Palestine. Indeed, he had become used to air-raids and fighting, as his father reflected. He briefly became acquainted with Melanie Blanchard.

Reuven would later married Deborah Radofsky and sired two sons, one of whom was named Chaim, and lived a happy life.