Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): In the Balance;
Type of Appearance: Direct (POV ItB)
Species: The Race
Religion: Emperor-worship
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: Conquest Fleet
(Race Invasion of Tosev 3)

Relhost was an Assault Force Commander of the Race's Conquest Fleet. During the invasion of Tosev 3, he commanded forces near Chicago. At one point, he found himself having to deny a request for more landcruisers to the Northern Flank Commander Zingiber, whom Relhost found to be idiotic.[1]

By 1965 he had attained the rank of general and was a commander of Race forces attempting to retake vast stretches of China from the Chinese Communist Party.[2] That year he received Liu Han, a member of the Communist Party's Central Committee, as an ambassador from the Communists. Liu Han had hoped to negotiate a certain amount of autonomy for the CCP within China, a recognition of limited sovereignty within the territory Communist forces controlled, or even the total withdrawal of Race forces from all of China. Relhost, however, proved an extremely unreceptive negotiating partner, refusing even to consider any of Liu Han's proposals or to make any counterproposals of his own. He sent Liu Han back to Communist headquarters, her ears ringing with promises that the Race would continue the fight as long as necessary and would defeat the Chinese insurgents in the end. For her part, Liu Han promised that her side would continue fighting indefinitely and that the victory would be theirs.[3]


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