Raniero of Grelz
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Rulers of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Algarve, briefly Grelz
Cause of Death: Placed in boiling water
Occupation: Ruler of the Duchy of Grelz

Raniero was a member of the Algarvian royal family and a cousin of Mezentio. Mezentio installed Raniero as the puppet King of Grelz when his forces occupied the duchy. Raniero's kingship was opposed by a Grelzer resistance movement but was also supported by an anti-Swemmel Grelzer army.

When Unkerlanter forces retook Grelz, Raniero tried to escape in disguise but was recognized and captured by Leudast. Semmmel personally oversaw Raniero's execution in a vat of boiling water. Raniero faced his impending horrible death with great courage, defying his captors to the last and in an act of bravado jumping himself into the boiling water rather than waiting to be pushed.

News of Raniero's horrific execution increased his cousin Mezentio's determination not to let himself fall alive into Unkerlanter hands. It was this event that prompted Mezentio two years later to chose a clean death at one of his soldier's hands rather than face the same fate.

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