Fictional Character
"Counting Potsherds"
POD: 483 BCE;
Relevant POD: 480 BCE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Persian Empire
Occupation: Servant of Mithredath

Raga was a servant to Mithredath and accompanied him on his mission to Yauna. He led a donkey, which carried their supplies and camping equipment, to the Akropolis and then to the marketplace of ruined Athens. He also found several inscriptions on the walls but these proved to be unhelpful graffiti.[1]

Two days later, the party moved to the Athenian marketplace. In the ruins of the Royal Portico, Raga found a large flat stone. It had an inscription of the process of exiling Athenians and a list of those who were expelled including that of Themistokles. This convinced Mithredath that there was no king in Athens during the conquest and that the Athenians ruled themselves by counting potsherds.[2]


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