Rabbit in montana-1-
Rabbits are small, herbivorous mammals that are in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in all continents of Earth except Antarctica, whether as native fauna or imported livestock. They have been imported to Australia, where they are not native, and become an infamous plague on the ecosystem of that continent.

Rabbit in "Of Mice and Chicks"Edit

Gigantic bunny rabbits were the world's primary transportation animal. Warriors such as Georgia and Lani rode bunnies into battle. These rabbits were the size of horses, although this comparison would have been meaningless to residents of that world, where horses did not exist.

Literary commentEdit

Rabbits (of the ordinary non-fantasy variety) were mentioned frequently in John Steinbeck's theatrical novella "Of Mice and Men" (1936), the acknowledged main influence for this story.

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