The Quadrate God
Fictional Work
Story: Every Inch a King
Type of Appearance: Referenced

The Quadrate God is a deity with a four-part nature. This is reflected in the architecture of his temples, which consist on their exteriors of four low domes. The god's quadrate nature is said by his worshippers to be reflected in the four cardinal directions of the natural world, and as a result prayers to the god begin with "North and south, east and west . . . "

The god's cult is the state religion of the Hassocki Empire and the tiny kingdom of Shqiperi (when that kingdom has a sovereign government, which it often does not) and is also significant in several other kingdoms on the Nekemte Peninsula. Farther north and west, it is not practiced in noteworthy numbers.

Unlike the Two Prophets, the Quadrate God does not enforce monogamy on his worshippers. He does however prohibit his worshippers from drinking "a single drop" of alcohol; however, in practice among his followers, this prohibition is often satisfied by dipping one's finger into an alcoholic drink, flicking a drop out of the glass, and saying they did not drink that particular single drop.

Literary commentEdit

The worship of the Quadrate God is based on the practice of Islam.