The War That Came Early
Appearance(s): West and East
Species: Cat (Felis catus)

Pussy was a French cat who was abandoned when her previous owners were forced to flee their homes during the German invasion of 1938-9. Pussy attempted to hunt for food but had difficulty keeping herself fed, partially due to a bell on her collar. Alistair Walsh discovered Pussy and took pity on her. He fed Pussy a tin of beef and eventually adopted the cat.

Walsh named the cat Pussy as a double entendre inspired by Jock's reflections on the usefulness of feline agility (specifically, the ability to lick one's own genitalia) to increase the pleasurability of masturbation and thus reduce the libido, allowing soldiers to save money by hiring prostitutes less often.

Walsh carried Pussy with him all the way to Norway in an improvised cat carrier made from a hat box. She won the affection of every British soldier she encountered causing smiles on the faces of even the most hard-bitten veterans.

Pussy became the unit's de facto mascot until Britain withdrew from Norway completely. Walsh did not keep the cat after he mustered out of the army in the wake of the "big switch" of 1940.