The Praise of Folly was a Loki one-man scout spaceship that dated to the Terran Confederacy. Due to Loki not fully recovering from the Great Collapse, the Folly was not maintained as well as it might. Lack of precision parts had left its pseudo-gravity generator running with a twenty minute cycle of a 5% variation in weight. Also it entered and exited hyperdrive with a distinct jolt. The ship's computer was 600 years old with its A.I. set in its ways. The navigation data was equally old although this was not a major concern since space was so vast that star positions changed little and the extent of information was so valuable. Hence, no newly built ship could match it.

In c.a. AD 3240, the Folly was commanded by Erasmus Chang. He took the Folly the other side of the Orion Nebula and well beyond what the Confederacy had held in order to discover what had happened to four missing scouts.

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