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Portland is the largest city in Maine and is the county seat of Cumberland County. The 2010 city population was 66,194, growing 3 percent since the census of 2000. With a metro population of over 500,000, the Greater Portland area is home to more than one-third of Maine's total population. The city of Portland, Oregon was named for Portland, Maine, allegedly after a coin toss where the alternate option was naming the city after Boston, Massachusetts.

Portland in Joe SteeleEdit

In 1941, US President Joe Steele met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill offshore from Portland, Maine on a pair of naval destroyers. There Churchill convinced Steele to supply Trotsky's Soviet Union with armaments they way he had been supplying Britain.[1]

Portland in SupervolcanoEdit

Squirt Frog and the Evolving Tadpoles were on I-95 heading to Portland, Maine when they heard the roar of the supervolcano eruption that had taken place a few hours earlier. They were not taken by surprise since they had been following the progress of the enormous sound wave on NPR.[2]

The band arrived in Portland a few hours later and checked in at a motel by the airport. They had a gig that evening, so they got a restaurant recommendation from the front desk and had dinner. After they finished, they headed back to the motel when Justin Nachman commented that the sunset was just a sunset. He had read that after Krakatoa blew, there had been spectacular sunsets for several years afterwards due to all the ash in the air. Rob Ferguson told him the eruption had happened only a few hours ago and it was too soon to expect that. Justin sheepishly agreed and explained that this eruption was much bigger and he had expected more, sooner.[3]

Portland in The Two GeorgesEdit

Portland, Massachusetts, was a city on the east coast of the North American Union. In the 19th century, a group of settlers from Portland and Boston founded a city in the West Coast territory of Oregon, and spun a shilling coin to decide which of their old cities would give its name to the new one. Luck favoured West Boston as opposed to West Portland.[4]


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