Pope Urban VIII
Historical Figure
Nationality: Italy
Date of Birth: 1568
Date of Death: 1644
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Political Office(s): Pope
Turtledove Appearances:
"But It Does Move"
POD: c. 1633 (?)
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Pope Urban VIII (5[?] April 1568 – 29 July 1644), born Maffeo Barberini, was Pope from 1623 to 1644. He was the last Pope to expand the papal territory by force of arms, and was a prominent patron of the arts and reformer of Catholic missions. However, the massive debts incurred during his papacy greatly weakened his successors, who were unable to maintain the Pope's longstanding political or military influence in Europe. He was also involved in a controversy with Galileo Galilei and his theory on helio-centrism during his time.

Pope Urban VIII in "But It Does Move"Edit

Pope Urban VIII ordered Galileo to face the Roman Inquisition for heresy in 1633. As part of this ordeal, Urban sent for Cardinal Sigismondo Gioioso to help investigate Galileo's case.

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