Polygamy is the practice of maintaining simultaneous sexual relationships with multiple partners, usually through non-exclusive marriages. In practice, it is far more common for men to be polygamists than women.

Polygamy in Southern Victory Edit

Polygamy was practiced by the Mormons, deeply offending the sensibilities of the United States and, later, of the Confederate States. This contributed to the longstanding antagonistic relationship between Mormons and the US government, spilling over into the occasional Utah Troubles. Though the Confederates despised the Mormons, they supported these movements during their wars with the United States.

Polygamy in Worldwar Edit

Polygamy was practiced by the Race during its mating seasons in the natural state. Extensive ginger use by females following the arrival of the Colonization Fleet on Tosev 3 disrupted the Race's mating cycle, leading to continual sexual behavior, and in some cases close friends of opposite genders began practicing monogamy, occasionally to the point of formalizing an exclusive mating arrangement. The Race saw the practice of monogamy as perverse, an inversion of human societal norms.

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