424px-POL Wojska Lądowe.svg

Eagle of Polish Land Forces

The Polish Land Forces (Polish: Wojska Lądowe RP) are a branch of Poland's Armed Forces. They currently contain some 65,000 active personnel and form many components of EU and NATO deployments around the world.

Polish Land Forces in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The Polish Land Forces had fought a successful war against the Soviets in the early 1920's and were still distrustful of the Russians when they declared war on the Germans in 1938. The Poles knew that they would be attacked by the Russians and prepared for the inevitable, which finally happened on December 31st 1938. Despite being smaller and not armed with modern weapons, the Polish Army managed to hold the Red Army at bay, inflicting great casualties on them. However, the sheer numbers of Russians eventually broke through, and Poland turned to Germany for help. With help from the Germans, they dealt the Soviets a devastating blow, which resulted in Stalin opening up the war along the whole Polish front.

Although their equipment was greatly outdated, they fought with great ferocity against the Soviets with what they had, earning the respect of many Germans.

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