Poenius Postumus
Historical Figure
Nationality: Roman Empire
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: AD 61
Cause of Death: Suicide by stabbing
Occupation: Soldier
Turtledove Appearances:
Ruled Britannia
POD: July-August, 1588
Type of Appearance: Posthumous Postumus reference
Poenius Postumus (d. AD 61), according to the Annals of Tacitus, was praefectus castrorum of the Roman Legion II Augusta, stationed in Britannia during Queen Boudicca's rebellion. While stationed near present-day Exeter with his troops, he ignored the call to join Governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus in putting down the rebellion. Hearing of the Roman victory over the Iceni, he fell on his sword upon realizing he'd denied his troops the glory of victory.

Poenius Postumus in Ruled BritanniaEdit

Poenius Postumus' disgrace and suicide were dramatized in William Shakespeare's play Boudicca, performed at the London Theatre in 1598.[1]


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