Appearance(s): Things Fall Apart
Species: Cat (Felis catus)

One day Captain Colin Ferguson brought home a cat, thinking his young daughter, Deborah, might like a pet. It was part of a four kitten litter unexpectedly born to a cat belonging to a secretary at the police station Colin was assigned. He named it Playboy in honor of his son's best sale of a short story to the eponymously named magazine.

Playboy was a handsome grey tabby with an enormous plumy tail. Unfortunately, while standing in line twice for the tail, he forgot about the line for brains. In a word, Playboy was stupid which Colin referred to him as "the stupid cat" as often as his name. Colin had had Playboy fixed, not making the same mistake as the secretary. Even the vet, who had seen many a cat, was impressed by his tail.

Playboy was good natured and friendly with adults but cautious with Deborah since she was young and didn't know enough to not shriek "Kitty!" in his ear or rub his fur the wrong way. This led him to avoid Deborah but she was not discouraged since she found it fun to chase him.[1]

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