These people are characters related either by blood or by marriage to Jefferson Pinkard, one of the primary Confederate POVs of Southern Victory.

Frank BladesEdit

Frank Blades was the elder son of Edith and Chick Blades and the stepson of Jefferson Pinkard.[1] Pinkard helped raise Frank and his brother Willie after their father committed suicide. Pinkard served as the commandant at Camp Determination, then Camp Humble, and played an important role in carrying out the Population Reduction.[2] When Pinkard was captured after the Second Great War and convicted of crimes against humanity as a U.S. military court, Frank could not understand why Pinkard was to be executed when Pinkard's victims were "only niggers."[3]

Willie BladesEdit

Willie Blades was the younger son of Edith Blades and the late Chick Blades and the stepson of Jefferson Pinkard.[4] Pinkard helped raise Willie and his brother Frank after their father committed suicide.

Edith PinkardEdit

Widow of Jefferson, see Edith Pinkard

Emily PinkardEdit

Ex-wife of Jefferson, see Emily Pinkard

Jefferson PinkardEdit

Series POV character, see Jefferson Pinkard

Raymond PinkardEdit

Raymond Longstreet Pinkard (b. 1944) was the only son of Jefferson Pinkard.[5] He was born in the waning days of the Second Great War.[6] His father was executed when Raymond was less than a year old.[7]

Judy SmallwoodEdit

Judy Smallwood was the sister of Edith Blades. When Jefferson Pinkard began courting Blades, after the death of her husband, Smallwood would baby-sit her two young sons. Smallwood was Blades' maid of honor when she eventually married Pinkard.[8]


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