Dooly County Georgia Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Pinehurst Highlighted-1-
Pinehurst is a city in Dooly County, Georgia . The population was 307 at the 2000 census.

Pinehurst in Southern Victory Edit

Pinehurst was a small town about ten miles north of Vienna, Georgia. In 1943 the town was attacked by Spartacus' band of black guerrillas. The raiders came in a stolen pick-up truck with a machinegun mounted in the truck bed and consisted of Spartacus in the passenger seat with Jonathan Moss driving and a gun crew in the back. They started in Vienna and shot up any southbound vehicles they approached along with several tractors and a combine in nearby fields on either side of the road. At Pinehurst there was a checkpoint manned by three or four Great War veterans. They were caught by surprise and gunned down. The truck escaped the town by going down a number of dirt side roads and ended up back near Vienna where it was abandoned.

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