Appearance(s): Eruption
Species: Cat (Felis catus)

Pickles was Vanessa Ferguson's cat. He was an overweight, marmalade, tabby and strictly a house cat. He didn't have much to do during the day aside from watching two fish tanks so He would greet Vanessa with a big hello meow when she would get home from work. She would pet him, give him some kitty treats and after a while she would become superfluous so Pickles would wander off until next time.[1]

When Vanessa moved to Denver, she drove herself and her chattel in a large U-Haul truck with Pickles in a cat carrier beside her. Pickles wasn't happy about it and let the world know it by yowling away as though on the way to a vivisection.[2] Pickles didn't care for Denver and spent the first few days in the new apartment pissing and crapping on the rug. This was partly to mark his territory and partially an editorial on being cooped-up in the carrier for the entire trip. Vanessa went through a bottle of enzyme cat cleaner but the smell persisted.[3]

When the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted, Pickles became upset and skittish. Vanessa managed to settle him down with extra kitty treats, but he became upset when Vanessa decided to leave the city. He scratched her when she tried to stuff him into his carrier, but Vanessa managed to do so. As she treated her wounds with Bactine, she muttered "You'd better be worth it, you stupid fuzzhead". She then covered the carrier with a wet towel and with Pickles howling she carried him and an overnight bag to her car and left the city.[4]

Vanessa managed to get to the outskirts of Garden City, Kansas when her car died from ingesting volcanic ash. She slung her overnight bag and picked up Pickles' cat carrier and walked to town. At the Red Cross refugee center, she was informed that there were no pets allowed in the center. Her options were to turn Pickles over to the animal shelter or to release him outside. Since Vanessa suspected that the shelter would be able to deal with the crush of abandoned pets only by putting them down, she elected to release Pickles outside, never to see him again.[5]

Although Vanessa hoped that a kindly person had adopted Pickles and taken him to a safe home, she knew it was more likely that he had swiftly either starved to death or succumbed to breathing ailments caused by volcanic ash.


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