Petros van Wilder
Fictional Character
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: Latimer
Occupation: Scooter salesperson

Petros van Gilder was Jack Cravath's neighbor in the human section in Latimer. Like Cravath, van Gilder was a scoot salesman; he sold a brand that was a rival of the brand Cravath sold.[1]

Van Gilder and Cravath met at a traffic light while they rode their scooters home the evening Cravath sold a scooter to two Snarre't for a brain. Van Gilder gave Cravath kudos before heading on his way.[2]

About a year later, van Gilder was interviewed by Sgt. John Paul Kling of the Exotic Crimes Unit after Jack Cravath's newborn child was born with defects that resulted from a Snarre'i hoxbomb. Van Gilder expressed a great deal of cynicism about whether the Snarre't were actually investigating the hoxbombing. Van Gilder couldn't remember the night in question; while he acknowledged the video recording of him shaking hands with Cravath, he had no recollection of the particulars. He agreed to allow Kling to seize the jacket he'd been wearing that night.[3]

Both the human police and the Snarre't examined the right pocket of van Gilder's jacket. The human lab did not find traces of the hoxbomb in van Gilder's jacket,[4] but te Snarre't did.[5] Kling promptly arrested Petros van Gilder.[6]

However, van Gilder was cleared in short order[7] when Kling and his Snarre' colleague determined that two Snarre' celebrities, a male and a female, had placed the hoxbomb in van Gilder's jacket when they pretended to be scooter shopping.[8] Van Gilder contemplated a law suit, but decided against it when his attorney explained that the police did have probable cause.[9]


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