Peter is a common masculine given name. It is derived, via Latin "petra", from the Greek word πέτρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock". Peter is a name shared by several Harry Turtledove characters.

Characters with only the name PeterEdit

Peter (Warwick Soldier), a soldier in the employ of the Earl of Warwick and minor character in Opening Atlantis: New Hastings.
Peter (New Hastings Rebel), a farmer-turned-rebel on the side of the Radcliffes and minor character in Opening Atlantis: New Hastings.
Peter (The War That Came Early), Luftwaffe pilot and minor character in The War That Came Early: Coup d'Etat.
St. Peter, a fisherman and a disciple of Jesus who is traditionally regarded as the first Pope. He appears in a POV role as "the Rock" in "Shock and Awe", and plays an important posthumous role in "Under St. Peter's".
Peter I of Russia, a historical Tsar, referenced in The War That Came Early: The Big Switch and Settling Accounts: In at the Death.

Characters with the first name of PeterEdit

Peter Baker, fictional actor, minor character in Ruled Britannia.
Peter Leroy Barker, fictional American serviceman, minor character in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Peter Blake, a nephew of Chester Martin in Southern Victory.
Peter Delahanty, fictional biologist in "The R-Strain".
Peter Drinkwater, fictional British Intelligence agent in "Ready for the Fatherland".
Peter Foster, a minor character and roommate of William Shakespeare in Ruled Britannia.
Peter Hains, a historical American Civil War general appearing in How Few Remain.
Peter Howard, fictional doctor, POV of "Freedom" from A Different Flesh.
Peter Jarrold, a fictional Son of Liberty referenced in The Two Georges.
Peter Norris, fictional sheriff, minor character in Ruled Britannia.
Peter van Pels, historical figure referenced in "The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging".
Peter Torrance, fictional cavalry lieutenant in Liberating Atlantis.
Peter Turney, historical judge appearing in How Few Remain.

Characters named PeteEdit

Pete (Deconstruction Gang), member of Gang 4 in "Deconstruction Gang".
Pete (The Green Buffalo), a shopkeeper in "The Green Buffalo".
Pete (sergeant), a Confederate sergeant and minor character in Settling Accounts.
Pete (bellhop), minor character in Settling Accounts: In at the Death.
Pete (police officer), a minor character in Supervolcano: All Fall Down.
Pete (State of Jefferson), a reporter and minor character in "Typecasting" from the State of Jefferson Stories.
Pete (Worldwar): minor Worldwar character.
Pete Daniels aka Mutt Daniels, fictional baseball player-turned-soldier, a POV character in Worldwar.
Pete Flowers, a POV character in "Crybaby".
Pete Gray, historical baseball player referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Pete Huntington, minor fictional character in The Hot War.
Pete Lundquist, fictional SF author, POV of "Hindsight".
Pete McGill, a US Marine and POV from The War That Came Early.
Pete Reilly, a Topangan in "Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers".
Pete Sadowski, a third baseman from "Designated Hitter".
Pete Thomsen, a newspaper reporter and minor character in Worldwar: In the Balance.

Characters named Pedro (Spanish and Portuguese Peter)Edit

Pedro (Half the Battle), a Canogan scribe in "Half the Battle".
Pedro (Ruled Britannia), fictional Spanish soldier, minor character in Ruled Britannia.
Dom Pedro II of Brazil, historical emperor of Brazil, referenced in The Guns of the South.
Dom Pedro IV of Brazil, fictional emperor of Brazil referenced in The Great War: Breakthroughs.
Pedro (Half the Battle), fictional scribe from "Half the Battle"
Pedro González de Mendoza, historical Spanish politician referenced in "Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life"
Pedro Magallanes, fictional medical student, minor character in Colonization: Second Contact.
Pedro Rodriguez, a CS Army soldier in Southern Victory.

Characters named Pierre (French Peter)Edit

Pierre (In High Places), guard of the Kingdom of Versailles and minor character in In High Places.
Pierre Barres, fictional French soldier in "Ils ne passeront pas".
Pierre Ducange, fictional New Orleans resident in "Must and Shall".
Pierre Dutourd, fictional French criminal in Colonization.
Pierre Lapin, a Canadian soldier and minor character in The Great War: American Front.

Characters named Pierce (an offshoot of Pierre)Edit

Pierce Butler, historical US Supreme Court Justice appearing in "Joe Steele (story)"/Joe Steele (novel).

Characters named Piet (Dutch Peter)Edit

Piet Hardie, a member of America Will Break in The Guns of the South.
Piet Kieft, fictional Dutch colonial governor in Opening Atlantis: Avalon.

Characters named Пётр (Russian Peter)Edit

Pyotr (The Hot War), a Russian farmer and minor character in The Hot War.
Pyotr Maksimovich, a secretary who works in the Kremlin in Colonization. He may be historical, but this is not certain.

Characters named Per (Swedish Peter)Edit

Per Anders, a Raumsdalian courier in The Golden Shrine.

Characters named PetroEdit

Petro of Narbomart, an Ispanian merchant in "Unholy Trinity" from Agent of Byzantium.
Petro Hapochka, fictional Soviet bureaucrat in The Hot War.

Other variationsEdit

Petronas, a Videssian regent in The Tale of Krispos.
Petronius, historical Roman politician referenced in "The Maltese Elephant".

Characters with a surname of PetersEdit

Sean Peters, employee of Superstrings, Inc. in the Justin Kloster Stories.

Characters with a surname of PetersenEdit

Wes Petersen, a member of the titular baseball team in The House of Daniel.

Characters with a surname of PetersonEdit

Jim Peterson, fictional US Navy personnel, POV in Days of Infamy series.
Richard Peterson, a technician and minor character in Worldwar: Striking the Balance.
Wilf Peterson, a British Army lieutenant and minor character in The War That Came Early: Coup d'Etat.

Characters with a surname of PetrovicEdit

Marko Petrovic, minor fictional Croatian character in Worldwar: Tilting the Balance.

Characters with a surname of PietruszkaEdit

Pietruszka (Iron Heart), fictional Polish politician, minor character in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Tadeusz Pietruszka, fictional doctor, minor character in Joe Steele.

Places and things whose names include Peter or a variantEdit

LeBlanc and Peters Mortuary, a funeral home in "Must and Shall".
The USS Peter Gray (ship), a Liberty Ship in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Petersburg, Virginia, featured in Southern Victory
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, figuring in The Hot War.
Petrozavodsk, Russia, a setting in Worldwar: Striking the Balance and The Hot War: Armistice.
Pierreville, a Detinan city in The War Between the Provinces.
Piotrków, Poland, a setting in Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance.
St. Peter's Basilica, a church in Rome or the Vatican, depending on the timeline, the title location of "Under St. Peter's".
St. Petersburg, former Russian capital, known in the past as Petrograd and Leningrad, the latter being the name most frequently used in Turtledove references.
San Pedro, a subdivision of Los Angeles figuring in a number of Turtledove works.
"Under St. Peter's", a Turtledove story title.

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