Peggol vez Menk
Fictional Character
"Down in the Bottomlands"
POD: 5.5 million years ago
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Hereditary Tyranny of Tartesh
Species: Strongbrow
Date of Birth: 20th Century
Religion: Polytheist
Occupation: Federal agent
Professional Affiliations: Hereditary Tyrant's Eyes and Ears

Peggol vez Menk was a member of the Hereditary Tyrant's Eyes and Ears in Tartesh. He oversawe the investigation of the murder Dokhnor of Kellef in the Trench Park of the Bottomlands and helped prevent the act of sabotage that the murder signaled.

When Dokhnor was murdered, tour guide Radnal vez Krobir informed Liem vez Steries of the Trench Park militia first. Vez Steries lamented that the victim was Morgaffo, and then directed vez Krobir to inform the Eyes and Ears. After vez Steries confirmed he was on his way, vez Krobir spoke with Peggol vez Menk. Vez Menk assured vez Krobir he'd done right to contact the Eyes and Ears, and that they would handle the diplomatic issues. He also ordered ve Krobir to keep the group there, much to their anger.[1][2]

Liem vez Steries and two other militiamen at the murder scene via helicopter first, and began their investigation. They examined the corpse, and took statements from everyone on the tour.[3] Vez Menk and three other Eyes and Ears arrived after the militia took their last statements, and began asserting control over the investigation, much to vez Steries initial consternation. The Eyes and Ears searched the tourists' belongings and interviewed the tourists all over again. Once his own second interview was done, tourguide Radnal vez Krobir asked vez Menk if he could take the tourists out into the Bottomlands as the Tarteshans in his group had asserted their contractual right to a tour and promised legal action if that contract wasn't met. After contemplating it, vez Menk asked if vez Krobir could fight off or capture the murderer if they attacked. Vez Krobir admitted he didn't know. Vez Menk appreciated the honesty, and also realized that the honor of Trench Park, and by extension, the Hereditary Tyrant's honor, was at stake. So vez Menk agreed to allow the tour if he accompanied it.[4][5]

While the Eyes and Ears found pornography in the possession of Lofosa, a Highhead from the Krepalgan Unity, and proof that Dokhor was indeed a soldier (but nothing proving he was a spy), they found nothing that pointed to the murderer.[6]

The next morning, the tour set out, with Peggol vez Menk in tow. After he spent an uncomfortable day on the back of a donkey, the group headed back to the lodge, much to vez Menk's relief.[7]

The investigators at the lodge greeted the group, and the two attendants informed vez Krobir that they had information. Peggol vez Menk overheard, and ordered them to wait until a more private moment.[8] After several hours, the Tarteshans were able to meet alone. Liem vez Steries informed vez Krobir that the Eyes and Ears had found a mircoprint reader hidden in one of the Morgaffo's artist's charcoals. The reader revealed that an unknown party had, over the course of years, smuggled the parts of a starbomb into the park with the goal of destroying the Barrier Mountains and flooding the park by detonating it in one of the faultlines.[9]

Radnal vez Krobir, Liem vez Steries, and Peggol vez Menk now pondered their next course of action. They agreed the attack, which would send the Western Ocean to the shores of the Krepalgan Unity and kill countless millions, might be possible. Vez Menk also offered the possiblity that Morgaf had created an elaborate ruse. When Radnal informed the other men that the itinerary for the next day would have brought the tour west to the fault line in question, Peggol vez agreed that it would be better to change the plan, even though it would tip off the culprit.[10]


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