Thamarakt, purée de pois cassés à servir avec un bon filet d'huile d'olive-1-
Pease pudding, sometimes known as pease pottage or pease porridge, is a term of British origin regarding a savoury pudding dish made of boiled legumes, which mainly consists of split yellow or Carlin peas, water, salt, and spices, often cooked with a bacon or ham joint. It is typically thick, somewhat similar in texture to hummus, and is light yellow in colour, with a mild taste. Pease pudding was traditionally produced in England, especially in the industrial North Eastern areas. It is often served with ham or bacon and stottie cakes.

Pease porridge in "The Man who Came Late"Edit

Alianora had come to the village well one morning to get water to make a pot of pease porridge when Holger appeared after a thirty year absence. She and her family invited him to their cottage where Alianora prepared a big pot for supper. In addition to soaked peas, Alianora spiced it with fennel and then added cubed pork when it came to a boil. When it was ready, Alianora served big bowls of porridge, giving Holger a silver spoon to eat it with, while the rest of the family made due with wooden ones. Holger ate with a good appetite and complemented Alianora on the porridge.

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