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The Peace Bridge is an international bridge between Canada and the United States at the east end of Lake Erie at the source of the Niagara River, about 20 km (12.4 mi) upriver of Niagara Falls. It connects the City of Buffalo, New York, in the United States to the Town of Fort Erie, Ontario, in Canada. It is operated and maintained by the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority.

Peace Bridge in Days of InfamyEdit

In 1943, Joe Crosetti attended his U.S. Navy graduation ceremony in Front Park, Buffalo, where the Mayor of the city pointed out the Peace Bridge to all the graduating cadets. The Mayor commented that the United States wanted peace all through the world, but they would have to win the war before they could get it. Unsurprisingly, his mentioning the war being won was the only part of the speech that Crosetti remembered.[1]


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