Patrick the Cleaver
Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Appearance(s): Marching Through Peachtree;
Advance and Retreat
Nationality: Detina (born on the Sapphire Isle)
Cause of Death: Shot by crossbow
Occupation: Soldier

Patrick the Cleaver was an emigrant from the Sapphire Isle who established himself in northern Detina. He followed "King" Geoffrey during the Detinan Civil War and became an officer in Geoffrey's army, rising through the ranks to wing commander. However, as a foreigner, he was not "properly" imbued with the northern Detinan sense of racism against blonds and proposed freeing the serfs in order to recruit them as soldiers to reduce the numerical disadvantage a which the Northerners found themselves against the loyal forces. This suggestion was deeply scandalous in northern circles and Patrick became politically persona non grata.

Patrick commanded a wing of the Army of Franklin under Bell. He was among the many brigadiers and wing commanders whom Bell accused of cowardice on the campaign, and who, to clear his good name, became overly bold at the front, and was killed in action.

Literary CommentEdit


Confederate General Patrick Cleburne

Patrick the Cleaver is closely based on Patrick Cleburne, an Irish emigrant who served in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Cleburne similarly shocked the Confederate establishment by proposing that slaves be freed in order to raise additional troops for the outmanned CS Army.