Patrick is from the Latin name Patricius meaning patrician, i.e. "nobleman". Its female form is Patricia.

Characters in the works of Harry Turtledove named Patrick include:

Patrick (The Two Georges), a Son of Liberty in The Two Georges.
Patrick Bailey, fictional railroad crewman, minor character in A Different Flesh, segment "The Iron Elephant".
Patrick Cleburne, a historical Confederate general referenced in The Guns of the South and appearing in The Great War: American Front.
Patrick the Cleaver, a North Detinan general in The War Between the Provinces: Advance and Retreat.
Patrick Hemingway, a historical son of Ernest Hemingway referenced in "Cayos in the Stream".
Patrick Henry, historical U.S. Founding Father referenced in The Guns of the South.
Patrick McGillicuddy, fictional Bostonian fisherman in Southern Victory.
Patrick O'Donnell, a fishing boat captain in The Great War: American Front.
Sir Patrick Spens, a legendary Scottish character referenced in Ruled Britannia.

Character with the middle name Patrick include:

Joseph P. Kennedy, historical ambassador and businessman appearing in Southern Victory.
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., historical World War II pilot figuring briefly in a number of Turtledove works.

Male characters named Pat include:

Pat Cooley, fictional US Navy officer in Settling Accounts tetralogy.
Pat McGraw, fictional dead man who is a plot catalyst in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Pat Stasey, historical baseballer appearing in "The Star and the Rockets".

Characters named Patricia include:

Pat Marquard, fictional biologist in A World of Difference.
Patricia Oliver, fictional policewoman in The Two Georges.
Patty, fictional office worker in Supervolcano.

Characters with Patrick as a whole or partial surname:

Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, historical Union general referenced in The Guns of the South.