The Pasadena Star-News is a paid local daily newspaper for Pasadena, California. The paper was founded in 1884. It was bought by Ridder Newspapers in 1956, survived the formation of Knight Ridder, and then sold off in 1989 to the Thompson Corporation. The Star-News was sold to the Los Angeles Newspaper Group in 1996.

Pasadena Star-News in The Hot WarEdit

The Pasadena Star-News interviewed Aaron Finch in the days after he captured one of the Soviet flyers that had atom bombed Los Angeles on March 2, 1951.[1]

Pasadena Star-News in Southern VictoryEdit

The Pasadena Star-News was one of several important Los Angeles area newspapers. It was a relatively balanced newspaper and favored neither side during a series of strikes by the construction workers union. Nevertheless, Chester Martin, one of the founders of the union, preferred to give it interviews rather than the anti-labor Los Angeles Times.

The News, along with the Times, sent a reporter to cover the landmark first contract signed by Martin with Henry T. Casson shortly after the outbreak of the Second Great War.


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