Parthenia was a northern province of Detina. It went with "King" Geoffrey and became a battleground during the Detinan Civil War, defended by Duke Edward of Arlington and attacked by Marshal Bart. It was where Duke Edward and Doubting George hailed from.

Parthenia was defended staunchly because it was where King Geoffrey's capital of Nonesuch was situated and because it was one of the north's most valuable and leading provinces.

Literary note Edit

Virginia location

Map of Virginia.

Parthenia Province is based on the state of Virginia. Parthenia was the first ever music printed for plucked keyboard instruments, which were known as virginals in the early 17th Century. The music was dedicated to Frederick V, Elector of Palatine, and his wife, Elizabeth Stuart (daughter of James I of England). The State of Virginia was dedicated to another "Elizabeth", Elizabeth I of England, who was known as the Virgin Queen (hence "Virginia").