Paderborn is a city in eastern North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, capital of the Paderborn district. The name of the city derives from the river Pader and 'born', an old German term for the source of a river. The river Pader originates in more than 200 springs near Paderborn Cathedral, where St. Liborius is buried.

Paderborn in The Hot WarEdit

In late 1951, during World War III, Paderborn was the location of one of the few successful drives the Soviet Union was able to mount against U.S. forces in the months after the U.S. destroyed most of the Soviet forward lines with extensive atomic attacks. Under the command of Sgt. Anatoly Privshin, Soviet troops were able to surround an American MG-42 position.[1]

In December 1951, the Soviets expanded their drive, using T-34s to draw fire, and T-54s to destroy the enemy.[2]


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